Welcome to the eCommerce and Digital Downloads Add-on Demo!

Want to sell stuff on your concrete5 site?

Take a minute to look at the features & approach of our solution to the eCommerce problem. We've tried to create an elegant and flexible base platform for eCommerce sites, with everything you need and nothing you don't. If you're a developer, be sure to look at the roadmap of additional add-ons that you might jump on making. If you're just wanting to sit back and watch, Frz will explain how to create productsplace them on a page, and group them in new ways. 

Available in English, French and Dutch

Digital Downloads

Digital downloads is an add-on for the eCommerce add-on (how's that for meta?) that allows purchasing of downloadable files. Tie file attributes to products and when those products are purchased, a new step in the checkout flow will link to the files. These URLs will also be sent through email. You can also control the expiration of the file download links.

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